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Dolenni Defnyddiol / Useful Links

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Help Maths i Rhieni/Maths Help for Parents

A selection of ideas to help your child with maths functions and problem solving

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Help gyda tablau/times Tables help

Times tables in welsh. Tablau cymraeg i ymarfer gydach plentyn.

Gemau a help maths cyfnod allweddol 2 o wefan y BBC/Maths help for Key Stage 2 children and games from the BBC

Llawer o gemau maths i blant yr adran iau. Lots of fun games for Junior children.

Gemau maths Cyw S4C/Games from CYW S4C.

Llawer o gemau rhif i blant bach. Lots of fun number games for little ones.

Wefan ar gyfer creu taflenni gwaith / A website for creating your own maths questions

Mae angen tipyn o amser i dod yn gyferwydd gyda'r wefan, ond wedyn gallwch creu pob math o taflenni ymarfer am holl feysydd mathemateg. The site takes a bit of playing around with to get used to how it works but once you figure it out it's a great way to create practice questions for all sorts of maths operations.

Caneuon rhif i blant bach. Number songs for little ones.

click 'Agor' to open a list of songs.

Cool Maths Games

Wefan da iawn am gemau strategaethau a ddatrys problemau. 'B-Cubed' yw fy ffefryn i! This is a good website for all sorts of maths games (although there is quite a lot of stuff on there that doesn't really require much thought!). It is especially good for problem solving and logic games - B-Cubed will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

Gemau Maths games

Gemau mathemateg

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